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Experience the power when you step away from the demands of your life, look at options and new ideas, consider your future, play with possible changes, try on something different, change your mind, and even try on another. Xenia is a place set apart that allows your curiosity to come out to explore what could be.

Connecting to your Self

Our life sometimes looks like the wrong end of a kaleidoscope. Sometimes we just need someone to help us turn the kaleidoscope around to see the beautiful patterns our talents and experiences can create.We are committed to seeing the wholeness and potential within each of us.

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Connecting to Nature 

We are located in the country--a special place allowing you to step aside from your current activities and reconnect to what is important to you. It is located at The Millpond nestled on 72 acres in the Adirondack Mountains, an hour from the Albany Airport. 


Leadership Coaching: The power of coaching is in the creative partnering process that supports insightful revelations, envisions desired changes, and determines actionable steps to optimize your personal and professional potential. Xenia Leadership Coaching
Programs: In busy lives, it is a special gift to your self to find the space to look at your life and consider what you would like to be different and how to support your desired changes. 
Workshops: Xenia workshops focus on the inherent power you possess and how you can more fully experience it in your personal and professional lives.  Xenia Workshops
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